Alice Dill Prasetyoko


Over the years, Alice has found herself drawn to working in the non-profit arena, offering education and treatment to those of low to middle class economic status. Her professional experience, combined with over twenty years of personal recovery and service work in the 12 step communities, have served as the catalyst for her to design and participate in The Lighthouse Bali’s community outreach programs. She is proud and excited to be leading The Bali Women’s Lighthouse project, making a huge difference in the lives of Indonesian women.

Starting in 2006, Alice focused her efforts in the area of drug and alcohol treatment – both in America and in Indonesia. She worked in the private and public sectors, assisting clients (individually and in groups), utilizing Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques, 12 Step Philosophies, educational lectures and workshops, private coaching and wellness programs. She also served on the Board of Directors for a women’s drug and alcohol facility in Northern California, providing operational input and fundraising support.

Alice has been involved – and continues to be involved – in her local community (both in America and in Indonesia). She is proud to be a supportive parent, a women’s advocate and a business leader, and enjoys mentoring many people in the area of addiction and recovery. Over the years, she has lent her support to many charitable organizations, including Marin Services for Women, a non-profit women’s residential drug treatment center, Yayasan Kesehatan Bali (Yakeba), a Bali based foundation that focuses on public health issues, Mama Hope Foundation, which raises funds for grassroots organizations in Africa and Yayasan Bumi Sehat, which provides health-care aid to marginalized communities and families in Indonesia. She also sponsored and personally funded The Hung Hoc Village Project in Vietnam, which provided a village in North Vietnam with transportation, food, clothing, supplies, school equipment, and more.

Alice has dedicated her life to being of service to others – helping them strengthen their individual path to a peaceful, productive, serene and happy life.