Bali Women's Lighthouse Team

About Us

The Women’s Bali Lighthouse Team has identified a need in the community for a rehabilitation center dedicated to women. This has come about through years of experience working and volunteering with local communities. The three women leading this charity center have collaborated together with different viewpoints to provide the best possible care for our clients.

Our goal is to create and sustain the first charitable recovery home exclusively for Indonesian women to get well, stay sober and create a new life.

Our recovery home will provide 90 days in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

As well, we will provide the women with education, healthcare, employment opportunities and aftercare.

Yayasan Bali Mercuasuar

Yayasan Bali Mercuasuar is a registered charity organization based in Bali, Indonesia. We currently have the following registration permits.
The physical documents are available in our office for inspection in Sanur, Bali.  

Akta Yayasan No. #38 – 13 February, 2018
Ministry of Justice and Human Rights: AHU-0002454.AH.01.04 – 2018
Domicile Yayasan 272/DSKH/X/2018
Social Department (Dissos) 460/119